"One of the most important business stories of our time. Kane brings us inside Apple at this critical moment with great insight and unparalleled reporting." 
Walter Isaacson
, author of Steve Jobs

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

“This well-paced, vividly detailed narrative reveals the machine surrounding the Jobsian ghost at Apple and brings the company’s high-flying mythology down to earth.”
 Publishers Weekly


"'Haunted Empire' is a fantastic exposé, in which former Wall Street Journal technology reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane uses an in-the-moment writing style to make you feel like you are in the room."

"Well-reported...confidently written...'Haunted Empire' adds to the deep reporting over the last few years into Chinese labor conditions."
joe Nocera, The New York Times

"Yukari Iwatani Kane wrote a balanced book...I enjoyed reading it, and I learned things I didn't know."
Rob Enderle, TechNewsWorld

"It paints a picture of a company settling into a kind of ideological stasis since the death of its revolutionary leader."
Business Insider

"Haunted Empire is an excellent read."

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