Interviews with Yukari about Haunted Empire


How has Apple changed under Tim Cook?

"In terms of profits and revenues, there is no question that Apple continues to be a successful company. But Apple’s own definition of success is much more. Its promise is to be exceptional – to make insanely great products that change the world. The latter is difficult to do without Steve Jobs’s reality distortion field. In its absence, Apple is simply less convincing."

"A Conversation with Yukari Kane, Author of 'Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs'" with Brian X. Chen on the New York Times Bits blog

Can charismatic leaders groom good successors?

"Certainly, Tim Cook is a great leader, and very capable. As an operations master, he is probably even a better manager than Jobs. But Jobs chose him in part because he wasn’t a threat to his own stardom. Cook was okay being in his boss’ shadow. Some people I spoke to who knew Steve, also believe that he wanted to make sure to pick someone who was good, but wouldn’t be a threat to his legacy of greatness."

"Yukari Iwatani Kane answers readers' questions about Apple" in the Wall Street Journal

Why write about Apple's supply chain?

"So much of Apple's business is reliant on the supply chain. Foxconn and Apple kind of grew up together and they've gotten big together. And I think the way their relationship works is an incredibly important part of Apple's success. And when that starts breaking down it has profound implications."

Authors at Google Interview with Richard Gringas, June 12, 2014

Can Apple still innovate?

“Tim Cook has to reset expectations for Apple,“ she said. “Right now Apple is caught in this spot where they’re saying, ‘We haven’t changed. We’re as innovative as ever’ — when everything has changed.”

"What is Apple's future without Steve Jobs?" in the New York Post

Did Kane set out to write about a doomed Apple?

"My starting place after I'd done all this research was about what made Apple a success," Kane says. "So I was coming from a positive place and I really thought if anyone could do it, Apple could ... It's just that I kept finding little cracks and risks."

"Yukari Kane response to criticism" in Business Insider

Is Apple immortal?

“I’m not making...a final judgment about Apple. What I am pointing out is it’s mortal just like any other company. To me, that’s not very controversial. I guess Apple has always portrayed itself as being above all the other companies. There’s a little bit of that going on.”

"Is Apple 'teetering on the edge' without Steve Jobs?" on Yahoo's Daily Ticker

How can Apple stay on top?

"It's impossible for a company to remain at the top forever because there are so many forces that are pulling them to the center. How do you stay hungry when your top executives are worth tens of millions of dollars, or in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars, for example?" she said.

"Apple should rather focus on innovation" in The Korea Times